44 Great Dreadlock Hairstyles & How to Don Them (MEN & WOMEN)

There are hairstyles that have been in existence since olden days, and dreadlocks are one of them. This style can be traced back to the Jamaican music scene, reggae to be very specific. It was a popular aspect of the Rastafarian root for both women and men alike. It is also very typical to countries like Indian and Egypt, and a lot of people have argued that these two places were actually where they originated from.

Dreadlocks hairstyles of today are however suited to fit today’s fashion, however, some of the classic ones are still donned as retro fashion.

However, in this very insightful article, we are going to explain the forty-four of these dreadlock styles and how they can be donned to be very fashionable and attractive. Some of them are from the past times, and others are from our modern day fashions.

1 Classic Dreadlock Style

Classic Dreadlock Style - Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @BOBMARLEY

These are the first set of dreadlock hairstyles donned in past times. An example of this is the one donned by reggae star Bob Marley and other iconic figures. These dreadlock styles are still in fashion up till date, especially among males.

2Braided Fishbone Dreads

Braided Fishbone Dreads - Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

This is a very complex dreadlock style, and you might need the help of a very experienced and skillful hairstylist to help you with this. When done by professionals, the braided and fishbone locks are usually very adorable, bringing out the beauty of the person sporting it.

3Double Strand Twist Dread

Double Strand Twist Dread - Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

This is one of the best ways to rock dread. The double strands can be of any length and any color that you chose. You can make use of hair attachments if you have very short hairs. The double strand dread hairstyle is one of the modern dread hairstyles.

4Ombre Lock Styles

Ombre Lock Styles - Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

With the ombre style, you can make dreadlocks of various colors, mixing them together to suit what you want. The different colors can also be locked with your natural hair, making it look more adorable. It can be sported by males and females, but mostly females.

5Free Forming Dreadlock Styles

Free Forming Dreadlock Styles For Men

Free forming Dreadlock styles are multiple dreads but in shorter forms. Hence they can be done with natural hairs. Men mostly keep hair for this purpose, and it can also be tagged as neglect hair dreadlocks.

6High Top Dreads

High Top Dreads Styles For Men

This is a style that is mostly used for very long hairstyles, so if you have very long dreads, and they make you inconvenient of getting in your way while performing some activities, you can as well turn them into high top dreads by folding them into different styles. This style is mostly used by men.

7The Undercut Dreadlock Style

The Undercut Dreadlock Style For Men

This is a dreadlock style that is specifically for men. It involves donning a dread and trimming the sides of dreadlock. The undercut but be a very clean cut, and even on both sides. It usually brings out the manly look and is one of the modern-day dreadlock hairstyles.

8Dreadlock Braid Styles

Dreadlock Braid Styles

This is the combination of braids and dreadlocks and can be done by both males and females. The first part of the hair on the head is simply braided, while the other parts are left to flow freely like a normal dread hairstyle.

9Mid Back Dread Styles

Mid Back Dread Styles For Men

This is a way to maintain very lengthy dreadlocks. The dreads are styled in such a way that their direction is towards the back. This is done by carefully paying attention and braiding the part of the hair that is on the head, and adjusting the flowing ones into larger braid styles.

10Lengthy Locks Dread styles

Lengthy Locks Dread styles For Men

This kind of dread is well braided in such a way that they can be comfortably worn in various styles. They can be made to be either very thick or very thin to just the shoulder length, so as not to fall on faces. This option could be suitable for both men and women.

11Flat Dreadlock Styles

Flat Dreadlock Styles For Men

This is very short dread styles that do not fall off from the hair and can be combined with very beautiful hairstyles. This is mostly done by men and the dread are in a flat top-like fashion. One of the advantages of this type of dread style is that it can be easily managed and maintained.

12Very Long Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Very Long Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

This type of dread style is extremely long, sometimes up to the length of the knee. The advantage of this is that you can later adjust them to another type of dread styles. However, maintaining them can prove to be very difficult, and one has to be careful with this type of dread style, so as not to get the hair stuck while performing various activities.

13Corporate Dread Lock Styles for Men

Corporate Dread Lock Styles for Men

This dreadlock style can be donned to offices and workplaces in the professional world. Mostly men make use of this style when they cannot afford to lose their dreads due to work situations. The hair is done by braiding the top very tightly and wrapping the rest into a very sharp bum just above the neck.

14Medium Length Dreadlocks

Medium Length Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

This dread style is of the perfect length, not too long and not too short. It looks very decent with the moderate length, which makes it very easy for it to be managed and maintained. Men and women can make use of this dread style.

15Intricate Dread Style

Intricate Dread Style
Instagram / @LOCSBYROXIE

This is a dread style that combines various braid styles with twisted styles. This hairstyle is a very creative one and is mostly done by people with very wide imaginations, however, it is well advised that you speak with a hair professional if you want to do this kind of dread hairstyle.

image: https://www.instagram.com/p/vkOMdZuCKc/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1u28f1knxbpl5

16Taper Fade Dread Styles

Taper Fade Dread Styles

This dread style is done with a neat undercut and taper fade dreadlock styles in such a way that it can be used to school or various workplaces just like the corporate dreadlock style. The style is mostly used by men.

17Double Braided Dread Styles

Double Braided Dread Styles

For double braided hairstyle, the hair has to be contoured first before neatly braiding it. The hair can be styled in such a way that the dread will be very long mostly up to the shoulder level or to rest just at the back.

18Shaven Side Dread Style

Shaven Side Dread Hairstyles For Men

For people who do not want to have an undercut with the dread, but still wants it to be well shaped, this is the most suitable style for this purpose. It is more suitable for men, with the front and the back side neatly shaven to take the shape you really want.

19Woven Dreadlocks

Woven Dreadlocks

These dreadlock style is mostly done to the shoulder length, but are styled very well just at the top. The strands are equally woven in such a way that the remaining dread will naturally be at the shoulder level. It can also be done as colorful dreads to look more attractive.

20Two Toned Short Dreads

Two Toned Short Dreads

This is done with two slightly different braid colors. Both dreads are interwoven and the color difference is mostly unnoticeable. This is done mostly as very short dreads, but can also be done to be quite lengthy.

21Short Styled Dreads

Short Styled Dreads Hairstyles For Men

This dread style is a classic one from the early nineties but is still in fashion till date. It is simply long dread styled to be very short and is a very typical style from the reggae scene of the past time.

22Afro Dreadlocks

Afro Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @THEWEEKND

This is a very practical way of keeping the dreadlock style. It can be done by leaving your hair naturally to form the afros and the dread. Mostly done by men, it is one of the most stylish dread hairstyles out there today.

23Braided Dread Styles for Men

Braided Dread Styles for Men

For braided dread styles, you won’t have to make use of locks, just simply braiding the dread is enough. However, this cannot be done by everybody, as it requires the service of a hair professional to make it look really classy.

24Mohawk Dread Styles

Mohawk Dread Hairstyles For Men

This dreadlock style doesn’t take the form of the rebellious Mohawk style through the various way that the dreads are shaped. The undercut is very edgy, to make sure that the look is really established. It is a very complex style, and you will have to hire a professional to do it successfully.

25Half Braided Dread Hairstyles

Half Braided Dread Hairstyles For Men

This is for those who do not like the idea of a fully donned dreadlock style. The idea behind this is the combination of the dread with other simple hairstyles. The dread could either be locked or simply braided, as long as it fits very well.

26Thin Dreadlocks Style

Thin Dreadlocks Style

This is mostly done by men when they totally ignore the style of wide or thick braids and go for very thin and braid styles which could be very short or very long, so far it brings the handsome look that the guy so craves.

27Easy Dreadlock Styles

Easy Dreadlock Styles

This dread style is very easy and simple to do, all you have to do is use one or two of the locks to wrap the entirety of the dreads. It involves very less stress but is still a very beautiful dread style to don.

28Dreadlocks Pompadours

Dreadlocks Pompadours

This is one of the oldest-fashioned dread styles, and people still don it as retro fashion in our world today. The dreads are exquisitely styled to look like a pompadour and are also colored. You can have an undercut if you wish to. This will make it flashier.

29Half up and Half Down Dreadlocks

Half up and Half Down Dreadlocks

This style can be done for those with very short dreadlocks and also those with long ones. You can wrap the dread to strands with the aid of a hair tie. It is also a style that you can be used in corporate jobs.

30The 3 Parts Dread Style

The 3 Parts Dread Style

This is the use of 3 different half braids and can be done by both men and women equally. If well done by a professional, it can be very intriguing. The style is also quite similar to that of half braided dreadlocks.

31Twisted Back Braided Style

Twisted Back Braided Style

This style is a very good fit for men. The top of the hair is plaited to look like a cornrow. Make sure that the top is tightly braided, and also twisted to fit the style perfectly. The rest of the locks can then be wrapped neatly.

32Large Fishtail Locks

Large Fishtail Locks Hairstyles For Men

This style is braiding the dread to look like a fishtail. For this style, it is important that you have extremely lengthy dread braids. The style adds more volume to the hair, and also makes it be neat and nicely packed.

33Pulled up Dread Style

Pulled up Dread Style

This is one of the most beautiful types of dreadlock style especially when it is done by a professional. The dread is nicely packed at the very top, and there is a neat undercut shave to make the top more visible and alluring.

34Long Locks Faux Hawks

Long Locks Faux Hawks

This style involves shaping the dread to look like a hawk. As a matter of fact, it is like imitating the Mohawk look, but unlike the Mohawk look, you will have to shave the underneath path to bring out the hawk shape clearly.

35Small Undercuts with Very Long Dreads

Small Undercuts with Very Long Dreads

For this style, you will have to gently shave the inches around each dread, and you will be amazed at how beautiful the haircut will look like. The undercut usually has such as the amazing impact on the general outlook, and it is suitable for both short and long dreads

36Crown Dreadlock Styles

Crown Dreadlock Styles

This dread style needs the hands of professional service on it, and it also takes very long hours to style. However, the result is usually very outstanding, with the hair having a crown-like shape. It can be donned by men and women

37Locks Updos

Locks Updos Hairstyles For Men

This is a very versatile dreadlock style that can be worn in any environment. It simply involves a permanent updo for your dreadlock style and can be donned by both men and women.

38Tight Braided Lock Styles

Tight Braided Lock Hairstyles For Men

This is one of the most stylish dread hairstyles out there. The braid begins with 2 at either side of the hair, before connecting them and the back to make it 4. The look is very alluring and brings out the beauty of the person donning it.

39Long Locks with Hats

Long Locks with Hats

You can always tie up your long dreads in such a way that when they are accessorized, you can wear a hat to make the look flashier. This can be worn with a cloth to match, and most men make use of this fashionable.

40Wrapped Dread Styles

Wrapped Dread Styles

This is the use of head wrap as an accessory for packing the air stylishly. You can choose to cover the entirety of the hair in a very full wrap, making sure that your face is left freely. It is a very remarkable fashion style especially for men when wearing a matching outfit with the wrapped material.

41Large Undercuts with Twisted Locks

Large Undercuts with Twisted Locks

This is a way to outline the dread styles, and it is used especially by men. The undercut makes this style to be very fashionable and admiring. This is one of the modern days dread style look and is a very cool one to do.

42Casual Dread Style

Casual Dread Style

This is the formation of various dread style on one single hair. You can have simple braids, locks and free-form dreads on a single hair. You can also fold some forward or backward. It is a very interesting style for those who want to try new things out.

43Mixed Dreadlock Styles

Mixed Dreadlock Styles

For those with naturally straight hair, this dread style is the most suitable for them. You can have  a mixed dread look on your hair in such a way that it looks very attractive. It is a style that is mostly used by men.

44The Weekend Dread Style

The Weekend Dread Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @THEWEEKND

This style is famous due to R&B music star, the weekend and the dreadlocks are in an asymmetrical position. You can look to imitate that, as it is a very adorable dreadlock look, however, it could be hard to maintain the hairstyle.


It is Important to get a capable hairstylist for these styles. This is because dreadlocks hairstyles will only look very good when styled by a professional, they are simply  unlike other random hairstyles.

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