44 Top Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles (Highly Recommended)

Here is how to stay fancy with the finest haircut that doesn’t go out of style. These disconnected undercut hairstyles are sure to keep you voguish.

The disconnected undercut is a hairstyle characterized by very short hair at the sides and a longer hair at the top. The contrast is very sharp, hence, the name. It is one hairstyle that you are sure to pull off and look your best no matter the occasion or impression you want to create. So if you are looking for the best hairstyles, look no further than the all-time classic; disconnected undercut. This hairstyle is one that has been around for long and evolves rather than go out of style. It has a way of bringing out the best in your facial beauty and what’s more! It is perfect in combination with other top hairstyles.

Choosing the right haircut that will not just be perfect for you, but also enhance your features can be difficult, and that is why we bring you this magnificent haircut. No matter your hair color or texture, you are sure to find a perfect haircut that suits you as we have carefully selected the best variations of the all-time trendy disconnected undercut.


Here are the best ways to carry the disconnected undercut and get that astonishing look you’ve always dreamt of;

1. Long Textured Hair  + Fringe


This is one way to have your very own signature look. It is a daring hairstyle that keeps you in the spotlight and you need a good barber getting it right. Having your hair textured with a good pomade and styling the long fringe is a great way to be fashionable.

2. Wavy Sleek Back Hair


Making your wavy hair sleek is one way to stand out adorably. It gives you an air of sophistication and shows you have a great fashion sense in you. The best way go about this is to use a good wax, have a good barber style you up and bro you are ready to go conquer.  

3. Comb Over Pompadour

Instagram / @OFUGAZZ

A pompadour is an all-time classic hairstyle that is both fashionable and beautiful. Carrying it in this manner is sure to give great results as the comb over style is an additional tweak to your hair that makes you unique and classy.

4. Messy Hair + Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

The messy hair look is one to give you a bad boy appearance. It gives you a carefree look but that attitude is just what makes this hairstyle gorgeous. It is sure to have you looking different and the girls are sure to dig this big time bro.

5. Short Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

If you love to keep it low, or your hair isn’t long but you want to have the chic appearance that comes with the disconnected undercut, this is the style for you. The contrast between the top and the shaven sides gives it a beauty that is parallel to none and gives you an amazing look.

6. Cool Messy Pompadour Undercut

Instagram / @TTB_HAIR

A pompadour is a versatile hairstyle and as such has various ways of being carried. Having a pompadour but styled in a messy way gives you a very attractive look which is rare and is sure to leave you in the spotlight. It’s nothing too daring and is a great way to style your long hair.

7. Sleek Back Undercut


This is a very stylish way to have your disconnected undercut. Having a good barber style you up real good is a great first step and then having your hair sleek with good wax gives you a great finish. Sharp hairlines are definitely going to accentuate the beauty of your hair.

8. Messy Textured Quiff

Instagram / @SKILLS_BARBER

This is a wonderful way to style your hair. Having your hair textured gives it a more sophisticated appearance and then combing it upwards and backwards into a quiff is just posh. The perfect finish to make it all perfectly beautiful is adding an undercut. It just has a way of making all things flawless.

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9. Thick Hair + Hard Side Part + Long Fringe

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

If you love being different, stylish or you have a fashionable reputation to uphold, you need to try this. It’s a great way of styling your long hair. It has a way of making you look sexy and the fringe takes attention to your beautiful eyes, showing them off.

10. Medium Length Pompadour + Hard Side Part

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

Not everyone is a fan of the high and long hair but not all great looks have to be with long hair. Having a medium hair can also be styled perfectly in a classy way. This is a great way to look gorgeous in your medium hair and the side part adds class to the look.

11. Side Part Comb Over + Undercut


Combing your hair to the side has a magnificent look attached to it. It makes you elegant and unique. It is not too daring and has got your back for whatever occasion. It is easy to maintain, only needing good pomade, careful hair brushing, and you are good to go.

12. Disconnected Undercut + Long Curly Hair

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

Getting your long curly hair to stand out from others is easier than you think. Having a disconnected undercut with your long curls brings out a perfection that will blow your mind. It makes you modish and you are sure to be the envy of your peers.

13. Brushed Up Hair + Undercut

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

Lifting up all your hair can be a very classy way to have your hair styled. Cutting the sides low brings out the beauty more as the contrast between long and short hair is a perfect blend. Combining a brush up with an undercut is one haircut that would suit you no matter the occasion and leave you looking stylish.

14. Finger Combed Pomp + Disconnected Undercut


Having good pomade on your hair makes you appreciate your hair the more after styling, especially if you choose to finger comb your hair. It has your locks arranged in the most attractive way and is sure to keep you at the top, looking classy.

15. Sleek Back Pomp + Comb Design + Disconnected Undercut

It’s one thing to have a sleeked back hair, and it’s another to get really creative and bring out the best in your haircut. This style is sure to turn heads your way and give you attention. The comb design gives it a splendor you just can’t overlook.

16. Disconnected Undercut + Quiff

The quiff is an all-time classic haircut that doesn’t go out of style. Just like the disconnected undercut, it is versatile and can be combined perfectly with other hairstyles. This combo in particular is a flawless one, as you can achieve that shine, looking classy with this haircut.

17. Sleek Back Disconnected Undercut + Line Up


A perfect finish for any hairstyle is absolutely necessary. One of such is having a line up to go with your sleek hair and disconnected undercut. The line up further heightens the beauty of the hair, giving you a great level of sophistication and confidence.

18. Faux Hawk + Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @FAUXHAWK7

A faux hawk is a trendy haircut that puts you out there. It lets you get the attention as you stand out in the crowd. A perfect way to carry it is in combination with a disconnected undercut. Cutting the sides shorter and creating a sharp contrast is a sure way to accentuate the stylish nature of the hairstyle.

19. Disconnected Undercut With Beard

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

Having a beard is one way that never fails to make your masculine features more attractive. Combining it with this haircut is sure to give a wonderful finish and have you looking your best as it gets you ready for that occasion looking cute and confident.

20. Disconnected Undercut With Side Swept Hair + Beard

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

Styling your hair to the side is a wonderful way to go. It is not conventional and makes people wonder what you are up to while admiring you all the same. Adding a beard gives you a more masculine look and it spices up the perfection that is your haircut.

21. Textured Sleek Back With Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

One of the ways to add beauty to your hair is making it sleek by using wax. Making it even better is having it textured but if you desire an impeccable style that speaks highly of your taste, you should go with this combination. It is sure to keep you at the top.

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22. Mini Mohawk + Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @DELANEY_FADES

Who says a Mohawk has to be with long top hair. You can have a mini Mohawk and still pull it off perfectly. All you need is the right way to carry it and the disconnected undercut is a sure way to let you rock the mini Mohawk in grand style.

23. Combed Forward Undercut

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

This is definitely going to have you looking different from the other guys. It is a stylish way to have your hair look. It is low maintenance but the elegance it brings is at its peak. All you need is good hair product and you are good to go bro.

24. Tall Quiff With Undercut

If you love your long hair and you desire to keep it and look still classy, you should consider having your barber style you up in a quiff. The contrast between the long and shaved hair gives you beauty beyond imagination and you are sure to leave your barber feeling adorable.

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25. Side Swept Hair With Hard Part

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

Styling your hair to the side and applying good wax is a sure way to give a glossy appearance. Adding a side part to the already styled masterpiece that is your haircut will further make you look fashionable and this is one look you are sure to pull off.

26. Disconnected Undercut For Thin Hair


You got thin hair? Not to worry, for we have got the perfect haircut to fit you. Cutting the hair on your sides very short will leave a perfect blend of long and short hair. It is a lovely look and you can style it further with a side part if you please. You just can’t do it wrong.

27. Disconnected Undercut For Thick Hair


This is a great haircut that will suit your thick hair perfectly. Keeping your hair high and having a mid or low fade gets you ready for that outing, as it gives you a classy and confident look. It is sure to get you compliments and you just earned your respect.

28. Disconnected Undercut Man Bun

Instagram / @ALEKSA_GREEN

The elegance of a man bun could be a mere dream if it is not with the proper haircut. Having the man bun with an undercut is a perfect way to show off your beautifully groomed hair without doing it too much. It makes you classy and is easy to maintain, so you got no problem looking stunning.

29. Undercut + Faded Beard

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

This is one variation that is loaded with styles that are meant to completely nice you up. The side part completes the beauty of the top hair and your beard is made to stand out as the blend at the sides end just at the beard. In all, it gives you a sexy masculine finish.

30. Forward Fringe With Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

This is an awesome way to style your fringe. A great way to have a gorgeous finish is to have an undercut follow. This is sure to have you looking different in a great way. It is extreme, but lovely.

31. Spiky Hair + Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

This is one beauty that is low maintenance. It allows you add a sharp edge to your look as you have your hair stand on end, giving it a fancy appearance. Combining it with an undercut is sure to give a brilliant finish as you have a sexy bad boy look.

32. Asian Undercut Fade

An undercut fade is a great way to style your straight Asian hair. The contrast enhances hair beauty and as it is low maintenance, it is suitable for you even if you have a busy schedule. You don’t have to worry a lot about your hair as it will look great with little attention.

33. Disconnected Undercut For Curly Hair

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

Having curly hair can be a very pretty sight to behold. Further highlighting this beauty is essential to always stay trendy and look classy at all times. Adding an undercut to your curly hair is one way to always look chic and gorgeous.

34. Disconnected Undercut For Gentlemen


Although a disconnected undercut is an extreme and daring hairstyle originally, it can be adjusted to suit your taste and preference while still maintaining the modern look it brings. Keeping your hair low and having a low fade is all you need to look professional whilst being modern all the same.

35. Disconnected Military Undercut


You are definitely gonna look different and classy while retaining your military appearance with this haircut. It lets you look stylish without doing it too much and you can style it further with a side part if you please. Just keep it low and you are good to go.

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36. Disconnected Undercut Fade


If you’d rather not have the sharp contrast between the shaved hair and long hair, you should opt for this classic alternative. The transition from low to long is mild and blends very beautifully. It is appropriate for formal occasions also and would suit you no matter your shape of face.

37. Modern Disconnected Undercut


This is a perfect choice of an undercut. It has your top hair looking longer with reduced sides as it goes down to a complete shaven hair below. The reduction in hair length is in a stylish way and it’s what makes it stand out among other undercuts.

38. Disconnected Undercut With Dye At The Top


If you want to go extreme in your style and remain classy all the same, you should try this. Dying just the top of your hair however you please is sure to turn heads your way and with an undercut, it just can’t go wrong as you are definitely going to get approval for your style.

39. Bleached Hair + Undercut

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

Having bleached hair is one very daring way to go, as it could go wrong if not done right. A sure way to nail this style of playing with colors is to combine it in this way. It gives you a wonderful fashionable look and shows you are undoubtedly classy.

40. Long Side Hair With Beard + Disconnected Undercut

Instagram / @HAIRSTYLES_360

A great way to style your long hair is combing it forward and to the side, and maybe having a side part if you please. Reducing the hair on the sides and having a low fade will exquisitely blend your beard with the hair at the top in a stylish manner and will leave you looking posh.

41. Disconnected Undercut With Free Locks


There’s a lot going on here. It is a combination of very fancy ways to look good and uphold your prestige. Having your barber give you a perfect undercut is cool, but having your hair textured and free locks hanging in your face is magnificent. You should really try this.

42. Layered Hair + Disconnected Undercut


Layered hair is one to give an illusion of length and volume. It is easy to manage and gives you an up-to-the-minute appearance. Shaving the sides and back of your hair very low further heightens the beauty of your layered hair and creates a perfectly stunning look for you.

43. Blonde Pompadour + Disconnected Undercut

Source / @Pinterest

One hairstyle that goes perfectly well with blonde hair is a disconnected undercut. It brings out your hair beauty in the most awesome way and enhances your fashionable appearance, so if you are one who loves the blonde hair color or you have natural blonde hair, you are sure to nail it with this.

44. Disconnected Pomp + Hair Design

One way of having you look different from other guys who are also rocking the pomp and disconnected undercut is to make yours unique by adding a design. Depending on the design, this is a less daring haircut and gives you an elegant look.


Stay Modish With The Best Disconnected Undercuts

Your hair is your identity and as such, giving it the best care and attention is of utmost importance. Whatever the occasion, and whatever your preference is, these carefully chosen disconnected undercuts are sure to have your back. There are a lot of classy variations to choose from, so you could change your look from time to time, or stick to one that suits you best and keep your head high as you stand out among your peers with the best haircuts.

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