Best Car Carpet Cleaner 2020 Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

We understand how hard it is to get rid of the unwanted dirt and stains in your car carpet that’s why we have shared this best car carpet cleaner review article to help you choose the best products for the work. Note that even if you try to keep your car clean, your carpets will sometimes get stained. That pair of dirty shoes or spill from your cup can leave your car carpet dirty and stained.

While it is okay for carpets to get dirty, it is good to understand that it is unhealthy to live with a stained and nasty-looking car. With the best carpet cleaner product, you can get rid of the dirt from your car and leave it sparkling.

Unlike in the past, cleaning your car carpet is not a hassle now. You can decide to visit a local shop and purchase a cleaner for your work. But this process is also challenging. That’s why we suggest you go through online stores where there are thousands of products listed so that you can pick one for your carpet cleaning.

However, not every carpet cleaner is suitable. That’s why we have prepared this guide to help you find the best portable carpet cleaner. We have researched thoroughly and picked five top car carpet cleaners which are super effective in getting rid of spills, dirt, and stains from the carpet. Continue reading to know everything you need to consider when buying the best car carpet cleaner.

Best Car Carpet Cleaner – Comparison Table

CarGuys Super CleanerTuff Stuff Multi-PurposeChemical Guys CWS_103ForceField Fabric CleanerTurtle Wax T-246R1
Weight 1.4 lbs 21 lbs 9.05 lbs 1.4 lbs 1.25 lbs
Capacity 18 oz 12 pack 1 Gallon 22 oz 18 oz
Dimensions 7.4 x 4 x 2.5 11.2 x 10.5 x 8.7 11.4 x 6.9 x 4 15 x 2 x 10 3 x 3 x 11.8
Style All Purpose Cleaner Foam Cleaner Fabric Clean Carpet and Upholstery Fabric Cleaner Upholstery Cleaner Odor Eliminator

How to Choose the Best Car Carpet Cleaner – Things to Consider

Not only is cleanliness next to godliness, it also determines how long your car will last. A good car carpet cleaner will refresh your carpets and also give them a new life. There are thousands of car cleaning products on the market. You can find the best car leather cleaner, best cloth car seat cleaner, best carpet shampoo, vinyl cleaners and more. With these options, you can get overwhelmed and confused when buying a carpet cleaner. But you don’t have to; just have a look at the considerations below.

Determine the Best Type of Car Carpet Cleaner Suitable for You
Car carpet cleaners are categorized into two: Standard cleaners and multi-function cleaners. Standard cleaners are unable to get rid of debris and loose dirt so; you need to vacuum the surface first whereas multi-function cleaners can do the cleaning without the need to vacuum first. All the cleaners in our list are multi-function.
The Type of Car Interior Surface
The material and the type of car interior covers will determine the suitable cleaner to be used. You can either buy a cleaner that is for cleaning the type of your car interior surface only or choose a multi-purpose cleaner.
The reason why we insist that every buyer should research is that many people have bought these car carpet cleaners and they can tell what the experience was when using the products. When it comes to car carpet cleaners, you need to consider its effectiveness, scents, and many other things. For more information, you can read what other customers are saying about the products.

How We’ve Picked The Best Car Carpet Cleaner

We understand you need the best car carpet cleaner that can effectively get rid of unwanted dirt and stains in your car and in our list; we have picked the cleaners that are trusted and are affordable. Also, we have picked the cleaners that are practically fit in every car interior surface.

Top 5 Best Car Carpet Cleaners 2020 Reviews

01. CarGuys Super Cleaner – Best Overall

best car carpet cleaner - CarGuys Super CleanerCarGuys Super Cleaner comes from Car Guys and is our best overall multi-purpose cleaner with a capacity of 18 ounces. This cleaner is practically on a range of surfaces such as carpets, canvas, rubber, plastic, PU, leather, upholstery, and all metal types.  The cleaner is easy to use and cleans effectively. The good thing is that it cannot discolor the surface you are cleaning.

If you want the best car carpet cleaner that you can use for cloth surface and other materials in your car, the CarGuys super cleaner would be the best choice for you. When it comes to getting rid of all debris and stains, you will never go wrong with this cleaner. Note that to use it appropriately, you will need to spray the chemical directly on the stained/dirty area especially when cleaning harsh soiled surfaces.

In case of delicate surfaces like glass, it is advisable to spray the chemical on a microfiber cloth and lightly wipe the delicate surfaces. This cleaner is made with remarkable cleaning technology that helps to get rid of dirt and stain effectively. When cleaning, the spray does not leave streaks.

This cleaner is a versatile product that you can use it inside your house. It is practical for a range of surfaces and is very efficient when it comes to getting rid of stubborn dirt. But when using it on delicate surfaces, you should avoid spraying it directly.

It can clean well and doesn’t damage the material. Therefore, if you want a high-quality cleaning product to help you get rid of undesirable dirt, you will love the Car Guys super cleaner.

  • It is a budget-friendly carpet cleaner
  • Easy to use
  • It is a multi-purpose cleaner
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Highly concentrated cleaning gel
  • Does not leave streaks
  • Great for indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Cannot be applied directly when used on delicate surfaces
If you are looking for the best car carpet cleaner, versatile and easy to use, the CarGuys Super cleaner is the product you can depend on. The good thing about this cleaner is that it is safe to use on all surfaces and the fact that it cleans well and does not damage the surfaces it is used on makes it the best cleaner out there.

02. Tuff Stuff Multi – Purpose Foam Cleaner 

best car carpet cleaner - Tuff Stuff MultiThis is also another multi-purpose cleaner but with a slight difference from the CarGuys. The key difference about the Tuff Stuff Multi-purpose cleaner is that it is a foam cleanser. This foam cleanser is the best seller in its category and comes in a can of 22 ounces of spray.

It can get you good results even when used for tough jobs. Another plus about this carpet cleaner is that it is great for deep cleaning and can get rid of dirt on profuse surfaces such as automotive surfaces, vinyl upholstery, and carpets floor mats. The Tuff Stuff Multi-purpose Foam cleaner is great when used on any washable and painted surfaces. The deep clean foaming action removes dirt and helps to retain appearance.

When used in homes, this foam cleanser won’t disappoint you as it is perfect for cleaning appliances, bathroom fixtures, painted walls, screens, windows fans and painted wood. This product made in the USA has received a lot of positive responses from buyers since its quality is amazing and customers are greatly satisfied with it.

The deep foaming action is purposely designed to lift dirt off from tougher surfaces. The good thing about this foam cleanser is that you can use it in the garage and also in your home when cleaning tiles surfaces and floors. For safety purposes, this cleaner contains no hint of fluorocarbons or phosphates and is essentially designed to be a deep cleaning foaming action cleaner.

  • Deep cleaning foaming action lifts dirt off from various surfaces
  • Helps to restore the original appearance
  • Easy to use
  • It’s a heavy-duty stain remover
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Can be used in garages and in homes
  • The smell of this cleaner is sometimes not nice
  • Discoloration problems
The Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose is a foam cleaner that can help you get rid of tough stains. If you are looking for the best car carpet cleaner that you can use in on a range of surfaces, in homes and garages, this cleaner would be the best option. The good thing is that it can be used even by novices.

03. Chemical Guys CWS_103

best car carpet cleaner - Chemical Guys CWS_103Who doesn’t know that dirty carpets look bad? In fact, dirty carpets smell bad. What if your body odors sink into the fabric and everything smells bad in your car? You need a good cleaner that will leave your car smelling fresh and sweet and that is where the Chemical Guys CWS_103 comes in handy to eliminate the odor as it comes combined with enzymatic odor cleaning action.

This Fabric clean carpet and upholstery shampoo and odor eliminator will destroy the smell-causing microbes and also get rid of the bad smell effectively. The cleaner can easily wash your car interiors such as door panels, seats, carpets and removable floor mats.  The good thing about this cleaner is that it can eliminate foul odor from any surface.

If you take your car upholstery seriously, this product would be your best option. This car carpet cleaner is will clean and remove stubborn stains. The Chemical Guys CWS_103 combines biodegradable degreaser with enzymatic odor remover to get rid of bad smell and deep clean surfaces to keep them last longer. Another good thing about this cleaner is that it is made with chemicals that are both environment and human-friendly so, it is safe to use on any type of surfaces. It does not damage surfaces, it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

The Chemical Guys CWS_103 features naturally-occurring microbes which kill the organisms that cause odor and leaves behind a sweet fresh scent after cleaning. It can also clean tough stains faster and leave the carpet material in its original state. Why look further when you can simply clean, disinfect and restore your carpet with the Chemical Guys CWS_103?

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for removing stubborn stains
  • Combines protectants and cleaners
  • Restores surfaces and leaves them shining
  • You do not need to hard-scrub the surfaces
  • Safe to use on any surfaces as it does not contain toxic chemicals
  • Removes bad smell and prevents it from coming again
  • It can be too foamy
For bad smell and effective cleaning, the Chemical Guys CWS_103 works miracles. It will lift off dirt from the carpets and make it easy to clean them away. After cleaning, your fabric carpet will remain with a good and fresh scent. What’s more, it is safe for use in your car interior.

04. ForceField Fabric Cleaner

best car carpet cleaner - ForceField Fabric CleanerIf you want to remove, protect and deep cleaning surfaces, the ForceField Fabric Cleaner comes in handy. It is perfect for use in auto, office, home, and boats. This cleaner will get rid of the toughest water-based and oil-based spills and dirt such as pet stains, red clay, chocolate and more.  What’s more, it is perfect from use on rugs, carpets, water-safe fabrics and upholstery among other surfaces.

This cleaner is the finest fiber and fabric cleaner out there and can get rid of old stains. The good thing about this car carpet cleaner is that once you use it to clean tough stains, they will not reappear again and the cleaned surface will repel dirt and stains for a longer period of time.

Also, ForceField Fabric Cleaner can clean the toughest stains resulting from fruit juice, coffee, wine and ketchup and comes in a 22 oz. spray bottle. It is made with soil and stain repellant solution.

Why choose the ForceField Fabric Cleaner? It cleans difficult stains and spills, leaves a fresh scent after cleaning, does not damage fabrics, once removed, stains do not reappear, great for use on stain-resistant carpets and rugs, works perfectly on water-based and oil-based stains, deep cleans fabrics.

  • Can clean oil and water-based stains
  • Works well on tough stains
  • Works perfectly on microfiber couch
  • Cleans fabric from dirt such as oily soil and prevents it after cleaning
  • Perfect for cleaning rugs, carpets, upholstery and more.
  • Once cleaned stains will not reappear.
  • Does not destroy carpets and fabrics
  • It may leave streaks in surfaces.
If you have ever come across the toughest soils and stains you must admit how hard it is to clean them out. With the ForceField Fabric Cleaner, you can clean them and prevent them from reappearing after cleaning. Also, the cleaned surface will repel dirt and stains to prevent re-soiling. This cleaner is perfect for rugs, fabric chairs, clothing, upholstery, and carpets.

05. Turtle Wax T-246R1– Fabric Cleaner & Odor Eliminator

best car carpet cleaner - Turtle Wax T-246R1The Turtle Wax T-246R1 is a fabric cleaner and odor eliminator that will keep your car interior sparkling and smelling fresh. Coming from a company that has been making products to protect and restore cars for 75 years, this car carpet cleaner comes with a detachable micro scrub.

The micro scrub will penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers as well as rubber mat cracks to get rid of the toughest stains and a special formula to keep away odors resulting from urine from pets, cigarette, and food.

Although turtles are slow and harmless creatures, the T-246R1 does not borrow the traits as it is a fast cleaning solution that is highly functional and comes with superior and professional strength.

The T-246R1 is also made with an Odor-X technology that helps to get rid of bad smell. With this cleaner, you can clean your car upholstery and keep the fabric clean. You will agree that the best car carpet cleaner is one that will leave your car smelling fresh and sparkling and this is what the T-246R1 offers you plus many other benefits.

The good thing about this cleaner is that it is safe to use and can effectively clean dark and light fabric in cars, boats, trucks, and homes.  This cleaner comes with the strength that is required to clean dirt, coffee, juice, mud, food, ink stains, grease, makeup and more. This car carpet cleaner will leave your car and other items you clean with it with a fresh scent and also leave a soil repelling silicone armor of protection.

  • Comes with a detachable micro scrub brush for cleaning deep into the carpets
  • Affordable
  • Safe and lightweight
  • Great for cleaning all types of stains including but not limited to juice, grease, oil, mud, coffee, and dirt.
  • Formulated with Odor-X odor eliminator to keep away bad smell from cigarette smoke, food, and odor caused by pets.
  • Leaves your car with a fresh smell
  • Sometimes it might be shipped without the detachable micro scrub brush so you need to be very keen on that.
  • It may leave water stains
It feels uncomfortable and frustrating to leave in a place with bad odor and this even worsens when traveling in your car. Why not eliminate that bad smell from your car and leave it with a fresh smell with the Turtle Wax T-246R1. This cleaner comes with a detachable micro scrub that helps to penetrate deep into the carpets to remove tough stains and dirt.

Our Top Pick among the 5 Best Car Carpet Cleaners

We have reviewed 5 products from different brands. All of which have the best features and work perfectly on a range of surfaces but we would recommend the CarGuys Super Cleaner and we have numerous reasons for that. First, it is a trusted car carpet cleaner and is affordable.

Secondly, it is perfect for every interior surface of your car including but not limited to plastics, canvas, upholstery, and Vinyl. This multi-purpose car carpet cleaner will also deep clean surfaces and will not leave behind oily residues.

How To Choose the Best Car Carpet Cleaners – Ultimate Buying Guide

When you are shopping for the best car carpet cleaner, you will get overwhelmed by the range of products that you will come across. Try to do a quick internet search and you will be shocked by the number of car carpet cleaners that will pop up.

Instead of just buying a car carpet cleaner for its attractive packaging, thinking that it is as effective as it claims, it is good to make an informed decision with some good understanding on your side.

For this reason, you need to understand exactly what things to look for so that you can make an informed decision. Below are some important things to consider when choosing your car carpet cleaner that will suit your needs.

Carpet Fiber
Knowing the type of carpet fiber is the first thing you need to settle when it comes to cleaning. Note that while some car carpet cleaners are versatile, some are specifically made for particular carpets only.  A good carpet cleaner should be able to clean a range of surfaces.
Type of Dirt and Stains You Are Dealing With
For a car carpet cleaner to qualify as the best, it should be able to deal with a range of work, whether challenging or not.
In everything you do, you must keep safety first. A good car carpet cleaner should not contain toxic chemicals.

Best Car Carpet Cleaner Buying FAQs

Do these car carpet cleaners leave behind undesirable stains or residue?
All the above car carpet cleaners will thoroughly clean and remove any unwanted residue and oils. However, you need to pay attention to the instructions. If the instructions say you should rinse, dry and re-rinse the fabric, you should do exactly that so that no residue is left behind after cleaning fabrics or your vehicle upholstery.
Are these products specifically made for automobile cleaning?
No! These car carpet cleaners are perfect for cleaning homes, boats, and cars. You can also use them to clean furniture like sofa and carpet.
Do I need to rinse away with water after cleaning?
No! These are multi-purpose car carpet cleaners. They are safe, non-toxic and you do not need to rinse with water after cleaning.
Are these products good for cleaning pet stains and odors?
If you have had pets urinating on sofas and carpets leaving behind a bad smell, the Chemical Guys CWS_103 car carpet cleaner can be effective. It will eliminate any bad smell and leave a sweet scent behind.
Can I use these car carpet cleaners to clean delicate surfaces?
No! While these products can clean any type of surface, it is advisable not to use them on delicate surfaces like glass and delicate panel screens.
Will these products whiten fabric or restore its original color?
Yes, all these products can clean fabric and restore its original color; however, you need to try it on the back of your furniture before you can use it so that you can see if it will change the fabric color.

Final Verdict

The best car carpet cleaner is one that is versatile, comes at a budget-friendly price and can leave your car interior in a sparkling state. However, the price should not be a determinant when buying a car carpet cleaner.

The products we have provided in our best car carpet cleaner reviews and buyer’s guide have been tested and proven practical. We would, therefore recommend them to just any person who takes upholstery seriously. They will permanently remove stains and restore the luster into your car’s interior. We hope the information we have shared here will help you make an informed decision.

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