45 Best Buzz Haircuts for Men in 2020 (Most Trending Picks)

Are you looking for the best way to style your short hair? Peruse our guide and find out the best buzz hairstyle that suits your taste.

When looking for a hairstyle that can stand you out of the crowd of well-styled men with perfect cuts, the buzz haircut is a good place to take solitude. Apparently, only few men know about this cut. Despite the fact that it has been around for many years, it is yet to be adopted by many people. The name “Michael Scofield” is synonymous with “Prison Break’. If you have an eye for details, there is another unique feature you must have noticed about him. Michael was an ambassador of the buzz haircut!

The short hairstyle that served as his signature cut throughout the thrills of the movie is what we are talking about. The buzz cut entails keeping the strands short and is a perfect way to show the facial features.

One other silver in its lining is the quick styling and easy maintenance. If you are looking at getting one, here are ideas to inspire you.

1Buzz with Side Part

Buzz with Side Part

This is for the gents that want to get back in the days of their youths. The side part looks great on different haircuts, and for the buzz haircut with its low level, it makes a perfect combination. Without a doubt, it provides a uniform look and having sideburns can drive home the point to look dashing.

2The Long Version

The Long Version - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

This might not be in the league of Michael Scofield’s popularity style. The notion that every buzz hairstyle tends to have short and trimmed strands gets demystification with this inspiration. To achieve this, maintain a longer top and extend the same length to the sides.

3Fades and Line

Fades and Line - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @MAHDIRAJABI98

The military-inspired cut also has room for extra pimping. Consider keeping a clean cut at the crown and extend it a little inch below the sides. Your seniors might frown at flaunting the rules, so make sure you are on vacation before rocking this style with a line and trimmed beard.

4Slicked Back

Slicked Back - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @BELSTAFF

Despite the short length of the style, the buzz haircut can still accept some styling. The slick back inspiration is a good way to add creativity to the cut. It would make a great deal of impression when you leave a medium top and applying razor shaves to the edge of the forehead.

5The Fades

The Fades - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

It is true that the style entails keeping the length short but you can add a new style to that by applying the fades. It would be hard to see the few strands from afar and this is a nice way to strike the picture of a tough cookie in the military.

6The Shaved Sides

The Shaved Sides - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

Maybe, you do not love strands on your head but the military’s rules of engagement leave you with no option that to keep the length low. Until you get to a higher rank where you can call the shots and do your bidding, consider keeping shaved sides and back and create a defiant look of a military man that cannot be intimidated.

7The Suave Look

The Suave Look - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

There is no better way to obey the authorities than to keep the hair short at all times. With the right styling tools such as the gel, you can pull off this great look at no extra costs.

8Long Buzz + Beards

Long Buzz + Beards - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

Do not try your hands on this except you have attained a higher rank in the army. With long strands at the top, a complimenting length with sideburns will send signals to the juniors that you are not a man to be toyed with.

9The Temple Fade

The Temple Fade - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

Fades look good on this cut and with a temple fade at your disposal; it will not be a daunting task to pull of this look. All you have to do is to maintain medium length strands and apply the fades at the sides and at the temple.

10The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @RYANLAU88

To pull off this unique look, direct the barber to apply undercut at the sides. After that, some height should be left at the back and the top. Even though the buzz cut does not need a bank break-in to remain stylish, you can spare some few dollars and get the Jovinho Natural Premium Styling Pomade to keep the locks in top shape.

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11The Razor Line Inspiration

The Razor Line Inspiration - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

There are many details that come with a razor line featuring on a buzz haircut. The style entails rocking the traditional buzz hairstyle and adding a curved line at the end of the forehead.

12Low Fade + Razor Line

Low Fade + Razor Line - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

As usual with the haircut, the fades can come in at different times to create a unified look. This time, the low fade is the standard and it makes a lot of positive impressions on the style. The presence of a razor line signifies a man that loves style and will go to any expense to have it.

13Short Top + Long Sides

Short Top + Long Sides - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

This is creativity in action. Maintain the traditional level at the top. Coming to the sides, apply a longer variant of the top for a stylish look. This is a variant to the longer top and shorter sides, and succeeds in bringing out the facial features.

14Coarse Medium Top

Coarse Medium Top - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

The rule of the thumb in pulling off this look is to maintain a medium length at the top. Compliment it with undercuts at the sides and clip them to the same level as the sideburns.

15The Low and High Fades

The Low and High Fades - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

It will be a great look if you can direct your barber to pull off this style. The transition from the low undercut at the sides to the high fade does not only bring out the facial features but add a unified look to the style.

16Textured Low Fade

Textured Low Fade - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

A textured hairline will make a good impression on the buzz hairstyle. You can achieve this look by maintaining a taper fade on the smooth strands at the top. Leave the front to take the natural outline and apply tapers to the edges of the forehead.

17Medium Length with Undercut Sides

Medium Length with Undercut Sides

This look is not just for the man with a receding hairline. It also pays off for men that want to keep the strands short and classy. Do not contemplate sideburns but maintain medium length hair at the top and compliment with undercuts at the sides.

18Bald Fade

Bald Fade

The fades that suit this haircut are not just the low and the high. A bald fade also adds some glamour to the cut but this is dependent on the barber’s skills. The key to pull of this look is to maintain a clean shave at the crown to the center of the head while the actual buzz hairstyle sits at the front with tapered lines at the forehead.

19Caesar Buzz Cut

Caesar Buzz Cut

Every Tom and Harry must have heard about the role Caesar played in the Holy Book; especially, in the face of Christ’s crucifixion. It is quite true that he had passed away but you can bring back the memories by integrating his signature haircut to the buzz hairstyle.

20Medium Hair + Razor Edges

Medium Hair + Razor Edges

Take a shot at this if you are blessed with enough strands at the top. The style entails chopping the top to a medium length and bringing the sides to the rear with undercuts. Apply razor edges to the forehead for a natural and distinctive look.

21Medium Length

Medium Length Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @AKSHSINGH

This cut is in-between the crew cut and the buzz hairstyle. The stance makes it possible to strike a chord between the two similar cuts. In line with the provisions of the buzz hairstyle, medium length cut only requires regular trimming and a bit of the Old Spice Styling Putty Treatment to keep it in place.

22A Touch of Grey

A Touch of Grey Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @CUTTBOSS

Aging might be telling on you but that does not stop your enthusiasm to get the perfect style that matches the face. Let the barber style the haircut accordingly with the grey-colored strands as a guide.

23Classic Style + Side Part

Classic Style + Side Part - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

Get ready to take the salute and clinch the five stars after donning this cut. This is just a replica of what a buzz hairstyle is all about – short, wavy and sleek. Adding a side part finishes the look and makes the facial outlook attractive.

24Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @MANWANTS

If you have some curls, this style is a nice way to get the world to appreciate them. Apply tapers to the sides and trim the top to be a bit higher than the length at the sides. Rock a full or medium beard (if you want), and use the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade to keep the waves shining.

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25The Classic Style

The Classic Style - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @FADE_MASTER

Despite the fact that there are variations in the cut, the one we have here is the traditional buzz hairstyle. Maintain a clean look at the sides; crown and nape of the neck, and then get the top trimmed.

26The Blonde Look

The Blonde Look - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @KINGS_STYLE1

If you are not blessed with a blonde hair, apply some products to get the look. After, trim the top to a medium length, undercut at the sides, and sideburns to complete the look.

27The Mini Quiff

The Mini Quiff - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men

Who could have believed that the quiff hairstyle will be a perfect match for the buzz cut? Keep medium strands at the top, chop the sides and style the forehand into a quiff.

28Full and Textured Buzz

Full and Textured Buzz

The hair doesn’t have to be short. With the right styling product, such as , texture the top and style into a buzz. This commands authority because of the voluminous nature.

29The Mohawk Inspiration

The Mohawk Inspiration

There is never an end to what you can achieve with the buzz hairstyle. The Mohawk haircut can take a place on the cut. The secret to this union is keeping the front in the shape of the buzz and styling the hair at the crown into a Mohawk.

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30Wavy Mohawk

Wavy Mohawk - Best Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @THE_EXPERIENCE111

If you have a wavy hair and want to make the best out of it, style the forehead through the crown and down to the nape into the Mohawk. Maintain tampering at the sides for a clean look.

31Buzz with Spikes

Buzz with Spikes

When the spiky haircut meets the buzz, it becomes a charged atmosphere on the hair. With the top turned into messy cuts, apply a great deal of the American Crew Classic Firm Hold Styling Gel to keep it glamorous all day.

32Clean Buzz Hairstyle

Clean Buzz Hairstyle
Instagram / @EDDIE_RTB

With the odds in your favor, you can pull off this look without hassles. All you have to contribute is to direct the barber to keep the sides and back clean. The strands can start from the forehead and stop at the crown.

33Buzz with Line In

Buzz with Line In
Instagram / @KINGS_STYLE1

Get back the days of yore and return the youthful look to your haircuts. After trimming the sides and maintaining a decent length at the top, the next task is to add a line in that will get close to crown.

34All-Around Buzz + Beard

All-Around Buzz + Beard
Instagram / @HELLS_THUNDER707

If you are yet to style your hair after weeks and you are looking for a good style to choose from. Consider getting an all-around buzz hairstyle and compliment with full sideburns.

35A Style for Receding Hairline

A Style for Receding Hairline

If you are not blessed with enough strands or looking for a cover for your receding haircut, the buzz hairstyle is a good pick. The styling makes it difficult to locate those scanty strands.

36Burr + Buzz

Burr + Buzz Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @LATINABARBER719

This will be triggering a regular visit to the barber. As you proceed to extend the reach of hairstyles that will look good on you, create a room for the application of these two cuts. First, the burr is higher and the latter comprises short strands. The combination creates a “high and low” kind of look.

37Buzz with Middle Parting

Buzz with Middle Parting
Instagram / @IPPEI_8

The parting of hairstyles does not just concentrate on the sides. You can reinvent yours and have it at the middle of the hair; just right after the forehead. This adds style to your buzz hairstyle.

38The Thick Style

The Thick Style Buzz Haircuts For Men

Convert your thick hair to a purpose. Apply the buzz haircut and watch it glow under the aura of the style. This is a nice way to keep eyes off the messy strands and retarget them to the amazing cut.

39The Induction Cut

The Induction Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @KOLLGEORGE

During the orientation after enlistment into the army, the new men on uniform are expected to have the induction cut. Even after the program, you can still put up the haircut for a dignified look.

40High and Tight

High and Tight Buzz Haircuts For Men

There is no big deal in getting this done. However, you will need a nice styling product as to keep it shiny and coordinated.

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41The Last Mile

The Last Mile Buzz Haircuts For Men

What we have here is the final lap of the buzz haircut. It hovers between the buzz, Ivy League and crew cut hairstyles. Maintain a good proportion of hair at the top and clip the sides.

42Effortless Buzz

Effortless Buzz Haircuts For Men

Get your hands on this version that is way faster to style and easier to maintain. It takes the natural flow of the buzz hairstyle, which is medium top and sideburns. The latter can be optional and granted on request.

43Artistic Impression

Artistic Impression Buzz Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @FRESHCUTZ757

Some men would prefer a bit of adventure on their gentlemanly look. Drawing symbols or penning down their name is a common trend.

44Slicked Back Pompadour

Slicked Back Pompadour Buzz Haircuts For Men

The style can also pull off a great look when it joins forces with the pompadour hairstyle. This time, the pomp slicks back and undercuts man the sides for a smooth transition between the two.

45The Handsome Look

Slicked Back Pompadour Buzz Haircuts For Men

Any man that wants to turn heads with the buzz hairstyle should be ready to style his hair accordingly. The secret to maintaining this look is to use the Pomade Pliable Molding Cream or some other styling product, as they will feature in the maintenance of the strands.


Haircuts are a good way to show off mastery of the latest trends in fashion. With the application of the hairstyle inspirations we have in our list, you can into a buzz cut without hassles. While working towards, make sure the styling products are with you for effective maintenance of your new looks after the style. The interesting thing here is that the style is open to anyone. Get your hands on one and style your way to a stylish look.

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