Top Five Of The Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers 2020

The best Bluetooth headset for truckers this 2020 is here for you. We know that it is very tasking and sometimes frustrating going through different online shops and local shops searching for the right one for you. The problem is not that you lack an idea of what you need in a Bluetooth Headset. Apparently, you are looking for a headset you can use as a truck driver, to keep track of your calls, play your favorite songs, and listen to your GPS Navigation without having to be hands-on.

These fundamental features are what many truckers are seeking. Sadly enough, as necessary and easy these needs might be, when faced with hundreds to thousands of Bluetooth headsets and reviews showing five-star ratings or close, you are unsure on which one to select. These are the reasons for our review. We have done the heavy lifting. All you need do is follow through.

Comparison Table For The 2020 Top Five Best Headset For Truckers

5200 UC VoyagerVoyager LegendBose Series 2Jabra SUPREMEVXi B250-XT
Special features Four microphones/ smart sense Noise cancellation/ smart sense/ 3 mics Noise-reject Microphone Active Noise Cancellation/ Noise Blackout 3.0 dual mic Noise cancellation/microphone
Range 98 ft 33 ft 33 ft 40 ft 66 ft
Battery life 9 days standby/ 6 hours talk times 11 days standby/ 7 – 21 hours talk time 100 hours standby/ 4.46 hours talk time 16 days standby/ 6 hours talk time 150 hours standby/ 16 hours talk time
Weight 0.64 ounces 0.64 ounces 0.48 ounces 4.8 ounces 5.1 ounce

Who Are The Best Bluetooth For Truckers Constructed For?

An excellent question, and for a good reason. Each manufacturer of a product has a specific audience in mind when crafting. These selected individuals are the ones who will be getting the most satisfaction from the innovation. For this reason, below is a list of people that will be delighted than others when using these gadgets:

Primarily, truck drivers are the ones to benefit more from these devices. The people in this category travel all day, sometimes weeks, conveying one product or another to various destinations. During this crucial moment of their job, they need to be hands-on and focused while driving to avoid accidents and misdirection. Sadly, this time is also the most boring in their job description. A Bluetooth Headset, helps them to accomplish a balance between carrying out their job and remaining anything but bored.
This is another set of people that need a wireless headset. A significant contributor to the road mishaps we see yearly is using a hand device while driving. It is now a severe offense in many countries. Hence, having a Bluetooth Device helps solve the issue of taking an urgent call, amongst others.
Everyday Person
This includes both the busy mum, white-collar worker, and other people who love things with fewer or no wires. It makes the job easier for customer services and reduces the steps of picking a phone call, listing to music, and staying connected.

Before going for a headset, it is best you know that a headset is not a headphone. Just to ensure you understand what you are to purchase. A headset is an audio device that comes with a microphone component, while a headphone is one with no microphones.

The Adopted Standard For The Review Of Top Five Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers

To ensure you get the maximum satisfaction in the products you purchase, we set down some criteria. Things like, durability, battery life, voice quality, and flexibility of the device are marks we used to narrow down the list. These determinants added to purchasers reviews have ensured we covered everything.

Our Review For The Top Five Bluetooth Headset For Truckers

01. VXi BlueParrott B250-XT 85 Bluetooth Headset

best bluetooth headset for truckers - VXi BlueParrott B250-XT 85 Bluetooth HeadsetThe first on our list of the best Bluetooth for Truckers is the B250-XT Xvi. As elegant and straightforward the device looks it comes packed with some necessary features for a trucker. You are always on the road listening to the grind of your engine, the tires against the tarred road, and the slaps of wind against your container. All these noises are what VXi are trying to eradicate with this production. The distinctive feature of this gadget is Noise cancellation, hence improving the nature of your call.

To further enhance the quality of voice calls through the equipment, the manufacturers have better the construct with high-grade materials. The B250-XT is an upgrade to its predecessor B150 with a selling feature of longer talk time. As a user, you get to experience more than 10 hours of talk time per charge. That will be needful for the long road trips.

The Microphone of the B520-XT is a Gooseneck Boom which stays in place and does not have the occasional shift from the position you might experience from one of those other Headsets. With this feature, you don’t need to consider how to multitask driving and adjusting of the Mic. Attached to this is XVi’s concave ear cushion alongside a leatherette ear cushion as a second option. With the help of these attributes, you can silence the sound of your surrounding from your plugged ear to ensure you get a crisp and adequate sound.

  • It is lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extended battery life
  • Superior materials
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Auto AC and DC charge
  • Mute feature
  • Super audio quality
  • A vast Bluetooth range
  • No A2DP support for other media broadcasts
  • You might get some with battery issues.
If you are a trucker or wireless lover who needs a device for just calls, the B520-XT is the right gadget for you. The headset comes with all a trucker, and car driver needs to stay connected while driving. However, you won’t have the option of listening to music with this version of Xvi wireless.

02. Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Headset

best bluetooth headset for truckers - Plantronics Voyager Legend UC HeadsetPlantronics has put lots of effort in ensuring that the Voyager is a wireless product that can promote the convenience of its users. Part of its unique features is the ability to connect with any device and to destroy the background noise during conversations entirely. This gadget comes with a Mini Bluetooth USB adapter to help you connect your headset across any PC. You get the chance to use this device while on the road, at the office, and at home; on your tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone and any other Bluetooth accommodating devices.

To ensure the security of the Voyager Legend, the manufacturers have constructed a charger case that comes with the product on purchase. You can lie the headset in the case to store away. The device also comes with a Smart Sense Technology. This is the first appearance of the tech, and it has a significant effect on convenience for the users. With this feature, you do not need to click the button to answer the call. The moment you slid it on, the Smart picks the call for you. This way, you can concentrate more on driving and intercommunicating than remembering where Plantronics positioned the answer button.

Plantronics took another move towards convenience with the voice recognition attribute. You can set your voice as the medium to pick calls, redial, activate pairing mode, access the battery level and more. On mobile pairing, you get to know who is calling without looking at the device as it announces it to you.

Unlike the Xvi’s B520-XT, this Headset comes with A2DP support so you can listen to your favorite tunes and other streaming media.

  • Featherweight
  • It is versatile
  • An ergonomic design
  • Bluetooth adapter
  • Houses an A2DP support
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Smart features
  • Long battery duration
  • Owns a carrying case
  • Your voice may break up during communication in some.
  • An outdated firmware; the need for an update after purchase
  • Need for Bluetooth update after purchase.
If you are someone who loves more convenience and extensive features then the Voyager Legend is the one for you. As one of the best headset for truckers in the market, you are sure of a pleasant experience. However, you should be careful when selecting as it could have a damaged microphone, hence, broken up voice transmission.

03. Bose Series 2 Bluetooth Headset

best bluetooth headset for truckers - Bose Series 2 Bluetooth HeadsetThe Bose wireless device is the next on our list of best Bluetooth Headset for truckers. One of the unique features this device comes with is its Proprietary Tech. The attribute gives more intelligence to this gadget; allowing it to detect the noise level in an area and adjusting to it. Hence, you don’t need to press a button while driving to get clarity of what your communicator is stating.

With a noise reject microphone attached to the headset, Bose is trying to eliminate the chances of your surrounding interfering with your communication. The Microphone achieves this through mastering your voice. It can differentiate you talking and the noise prevailing in the area. Hence, in such cases, it increases your voice output and reduces that of the surrounding. Therefore, making sure that you pass your statements without a hitch.

Also, when you turn on the device and listing to the sound output, you will get a natural vocal level. The headset maintains this level regardless of the background and volume. Clearly, from the design and the features of the Bose Series 2 holds, what you are getting is a straightforward gadget that possesses excellent communication quality.

Aside from calls, you can enjoy your favorite music, listing to YouTube and other streaming contents through this headset. The device owns A2DP support which allows it to accommodate such activities. So, you don’t have to go days on the road with just the howling of the wind, the horns of cars, and the grind fo engines as your companion.

  • It has an ergonomic design
  • Long battery life
  • Smart features
  • Owns an A2DP feature
  • It is lightweight
  • Owns a carrying case
  • The on and off button degrades with time.
  • Might get a faulty microphone
  • Lesser features
  • Costs more
The Bose Series 2 is the device you want to go for when you want something basic without sacrificing convenience and A2DP support. It comes with some nice attributes that have brought it on our list of best Bluetooth for truckers. However, you should be careful when purchasing to avoid getting those with faults.

04. Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth Wireless Headset

best bluetooth headset for truckers - Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth Wireless HeadsetJust like the Xvi and the Plantronics B520-XT on our list of best headset for truckers, Jabra has invested much in Sound quality and promoting your communication experience in the Jabra SUPREME.

The headset has an Active Noise Cancellation tech. This construct periodically adjusts the settings of the device to reduce further the background noise irrespective of where you are until all you hear is the voice on the other end. Backed up for more clarity and quality is the HD Voice system, with this feature as a trucker you can witness a superb voicing between you and your caller.

The device also comes with a wind-noise cancellation tech along with its dual noise block out version 3.0 microphones. Honestly, with all these audio quality enhancement features, you should witness a best-of-its-class sound performance.

The Jabra supreme owns A2DP support which allows its users to engage in other audio activities like music, GPS, and more. You can pair the headset with your smartphone and pc at the same time. The Supreme comes with a multi-pairing feature that allows you to connect two Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time.

For convenience, the Jabra Supreme owns lots of different styled cushion plugs to fit the ears of any individual. The headset also comes with an adjustable frame so that you can have the perfect fit when you slip it on.

Jabra has taken a step in their attempt towards voice recognition tech. In this model of their wireless headset brand, they have included voice controls for answering and ending calls. That’s not all; you can adjust the device settings so you can have your caller’s ID. Battery status and connection state announced to you.

  • Good Bluetooth range
  • A2DP enabled
  • Multi-pairing ability
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Smart features
  • Superb voicing
  • Long battery duration
  • An aesthetic design
  • Robotic distortion may rise
  • Can develop pairing issues
  • It is bulky
If what you have an eye for is a wireless headset with superb noise cancellation and audio voicing, then you should place this device in your consideration. However, you must be selective on your purchase decision as you can go for one with the issue above. Hence, cashing in on your warranty, earlier.

05. Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC Bluetooth Headsets

best bluetooth headset for truckers - Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC Bluetooth HeadsetsThe last headset on our list of best Bluetooth headset for truckers is the Advanced Voyager from Plantronics. This device comes with some advanced features that you will like. Plantronics constructed this equipment to own a behind-the-ear earpiece pattern. From the looks, the headset is both elegant and straightforward. A perfect blend of class and simplicity.

With this device, you can enjoy a 98 ft Bluetooth connection range which will come in handy during those moments you might leave your phone in your truck or car to fetch a bite or refill. The gadget owns a mono sound quality and design. It also comes with an active noise cancellation tech to ensure your surroundings don’t get in the way of your conversation.

There is also a WindSmart tech attached to the 5200 UC Voyager. This component allows the device to cancel out the interference of the wind while communicating effectively. It does this by identifying the sound pattern of the wind and differentiating it from your voice. Hence, it can then proceed to block the noise from getting in the way.

Added to the WindSmart feature are its multi-directional voice cancellation tech and four intelligent noise eliminating microphones designed to transport your voicing to the other end effectively. Hence, irrespective of your environment during the time of communication, you can be confident that your recipient can hear you correctly and you can do the same. The gadget also comes with other SmartSense features like sensors and voice commands. You can connect with Siri, Cortana, Google now, and more with one touch of the button. When you have established the connection, you can use your voice to communicate to your PC or Smartphone through voicing.

  • A Bluetooth adapter
  • An ergonomic design
  • Owns a dynamic mute alert system
  • Versatile
  • Mute button
  • Multi-pairing mode
  • Moisture resistance
  • A wide Bluetooth range
  • It is lightweight.
  • Long battery duration
  • Host lots of smart features
  • Superior materials
  • Superb sound quality
  • Some of the speech smart options can get in the way
  • No automatic switch from pc speakers to device and contrary
  • The battery might degrade over time.
The Plantronics B5200 Voyager is a device that Plantronics has invested lots of effort and time. If you are looking for superb voicing, flexibility, and advanced features, coupled with convenience and duration, then you should consider this device. However, you might get one with battery issues.

Our Top Pick Of The Five Best Bluetooth For Truckers

An arduous decision for us but it must happen. When it comes to audio quality, the Xvi, Jabra Supreme, and Voyager B5200 are battling for the first position. Regarding flexibility, the B5200 is leading against the Jabra Supreme and the rest. For battery duration, it’s a tie between the Voyager B5200, the Supreme, and Voyager Legend while the Xvi takes the top position.

However, we had to select the B2500 headset as our top pick because it houses the highest Bluetooth range on our list and comes with lots of smart sense techs and convenience enhancement features to uplift truck drivers’ road experience.

The Ultimate Guide To Purchase Your Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers

From specs to preference there is a lot of decision to resolve. Hence, we are going to help you with the specifications for the right headset for truckers.

Voice Handling
Voice handling has to do with the buttons or systems the manufactures put in place to help you control the output of the sound you receive. You should keep your eyes on getting a wireless headset with simplified operations. This design will help you to effectively control the settings when needed and give you a balance concentration between the task at hand and the audio you are receiving.
The Durability
How sturdy and constructed the headset is an essential aspect to consider. As a trucker, you know how bumpy the job can be. From bumps to speeding, and sometimes sudden breaks, there is always much vibration. A headset which cannot handle the intense jiggling will collapse sooner than later. You should go for one with superior material.
The Sound
The sound quality is another criterion to put on your checklist. In fact, the sound quality is the number one thing you should have in mind. You know how uninspiring and noisy the job is as a truck driver. Go for one which has lots of noise limiting components and sound enhancement techs that works. An example will be the ones you have seen in this review.
This include A2DP support, battery life, and Smart features to ensure more convenience, thrilling experience, and concentration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Xvi b250-XT come with a leather ear cushion?
No. it owns a sheepskin cushion which is softer than leather.
Can You Use This Device While It Is Charging?
What Is the Difference Between the Legend Uc Plantronics and Legend?
Legend UC comes with the Bluetooth dongle and a charging case while the other does not.
What comes with the Voyager Legend UC package?
A stand charger, the headset, a charger, and a case to carry all these contents.
How long does the Bose battery last when playing favorite tunes?
Within 3 to 4 hours
Is there a difference between the left ear and right ear of the Bose?
Does the Bose have a caller ID? Does it speak out the caller’s name?
The Bose Series 2 does not own these features
Can the Jabra SUPREME fit at my left ear? I don’t like wearing Bluetooth headsets on my right.
Yes. The Jabra Supreme is a reversible construct. You can have it on any ear you want
How is the volume of the Voyager B5200? I have volume problems in the past.
The volume max is decent. You can use it effectively in a noisy environment. However, some might need extra.

 Final Verdict

There is nothing like having a device that gives you the maximum satisfaction you crave. The Bose is likely the device for those who want something louder without sacrificing quality. The XVi B250-XT is the one for those who just want to use their headset for calls. The Voyager Legend and Jabra are the ones for customers who need some smart features and volume without sacrificing audio quality. Finally, the Plantronics B2500 is for all those who want more but can handle the decent volume. That’s all we have for the best headset for truckers. Cheers.

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