The Five Best 6.5 Speakers For Bass In The Market And The Ultimate Buying Guide

Gone are the days when we have no choice but to dance to the horrible sound wafting from our stock speakers. Now, you can have a thrilling experience. Out there the best 6.5 speakers for bass and high sound performance exist. The issue for car owners and truckers is identifying these speakers. For some, it does not end there; it is deciding which one is the best out of the ones they have narrowed down. We are here to assist you with the tough work.

We know how essential it is to have a speaker that can at least give a decent sound. We also know that the budget of people differs. However, the desire for superb performance remains. Hence, we have invested our time and sweat into narrowing down excellent speakers for both low and mid budgets. These speakers are a steal for their performance.

Comparison Table Between Our Top 5 Best 6.5 Speaker For Bass

Kicker DS65Kicker 41DSC654JBL GTO629Infinity KappaPioneer TS-A1675R
Sensitivity 90dB 90dB 93dB 95dB 90dB
Handling RMS 240W 120W (2) 5W-125W 300W 300W
Freq 40-20kHz 40-20kHz 53-21kHz 45-20kHz 35-31kHz
Weight 4.62 pounds 9.5 pounds 5.77 pounds 6.75 pounds 3.7 pounds

Who Are These Speakers Built For? What Advice Is There?

Well, many people love a good bass filled, crisp, and unique sound emitting out from the speaker close to them so they could nod their heads to the beat or hear with enthusiasm what the radio has to say. Here are the individuals that will be most satisfied:

Car Drivers
The manufacturers of these speakers have the road users in mind when creating the items. Hence, a car which has an enclosed space good enough to enhance the output of a loudspeaker will give the occupants of the automobile a thrilling user experience.
Believe it or not, Truckers have the chance to witness the superb performance of the component and wide-range speakers. For what its worth, they do have a radio unit set on their trucks and a closed space to boost the performance of these music tools.
Someone With A Radio Device (including Tricycles)
You heard correctly. If you can do the Techy involved, you can change that custom speaker on your radio to something impactful and have your kids or partner dance not just because they like the music but the song presentation is too hard to resist.

So if you are among any of these categories, then let’s move on to you getting the next thing you should decide on. Yes, there are two types of the best 6.5 car speakers out there, and you need to decide on which one you want. The full-range speakers come with all the parts of a sound emitter in one build. The woofer, the tweeter, and some with the additional drivers.  While that is that for the full-range, the component best 6.5 car speakers have all these features separate and constructed to work harmoniously with each other to provide high sound performance.

How  We Conducted This Review For The Top 5 Best 6.5 Speakers

There are lots of car speakers out there, some component speakers, others, full-range. There are lots of reviews praising this one and that one. The choice becomes hard. However, we have streamlined our pick from duration, installation, sound capacity and quality, plus cost. The result we further matched with the reviews from real purchasers to ensure we give you guys the most accurate report of this top-rated speakers.

Our Review Of the Top 5 Best 6.5 Car Speakers

1. JBL GTO629 6.5-Inch premium Speaker

best 6.5 speakers for bass - JBL GTO629 6.5-Inch premium SpeakerThe first on our list today is the JBL GTO629. These loudspeakers have a glossy aesthetic black design and a 5-1/ 16 inches diameter. So, you have lots of option on which car, truck, or tricycle you want to fix it. The speaker comes as a pair. You have two of it to place either at the front or one side of the vehicle, for the car and tricycle owner. For a trucker, you are already set to go with the two sides of your truck-head fitted with the sound emitters. Well, in regards to volume controls, you have a decent 93dB which is more than what you need for a truck. I mean, you won’t be raising the cranks to the last to avoid losing a balanced concentration while travelling.

JBL manufactured the speakers for the Music enthusiastic and the car drivers; so you can expect some good performance from the gadget. Built to last and be fast in installation means you as the user can mount this emitter in no time. JBL crafted the cones with Carbon-injected Plus One and created larger than its grade so that it can emit more air which encourages more bass. It fits two inches in and has good tweeter feature that allows you to set the sound wafting out of these pair towards your ear regardless of where you place them in your automobile. Also, it comes as a component speaker.

  • The sound is clear
  • A good bass performance
  • It is durable
  • Owns sound projection adjustment
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • 3 ohms speaker
  • When used with a factory radio head, the speaker starts to distort at half volume
  • The tweeter won’t fit into a 1” factory hold. Hence, the need for superglue
  • A bit pricey for its grade
 Well, if you are out for an upgrade with an approvable bass performance this gadget is the best 6.5 car speaker for you. However, you will need to change the factory head for a better experience. Also, you won’t be getting the best playback performance range, and the low sound pick- up rate on this list.

2. Kicker 41DSC654 D-Series Coaxial Speakers

best 6.5 speakers for bass - Kicker 41DSC654 D-Series Coaxial SpeakersThis product is one of the best 6.5 speakers kickers on our list. As a kicker sound emitter, durability, performance, and flexibility are top on the producers’ goal. The speaker is a two pair emitter, so you do not need to buy another pair unless of course, you want to purchase for your other vehicle. The playback duration is up-to 480Watts RMS which is good for more sustained audio witnessing.

The speaker will do the car driver, jeep handler, and tricycle owner more good than the truck driver. Why? You might ask. Well, the answer is that the former have more options on where to mount the loudspeakers to have a superb experience while the latter does not. Though a product of coaxial cable, Kicker 41DSC654 comes with a drop-in feature that allows it to fit into lots of vehicle speaker space. Hence, increasing flexibility by giving you lots of fixing options.

With the 90dB sensitivity option for the woofers’ motor, you do not need to turn up the volumes that much to get your comfortable rate. The motor capacity allows you to get the best experience starting from the usage of your factory radio head. So, yes, you do not need an Amp, or to change the factory head before you can engage a superb experience.

Also, Kicker has constructed the tweeters of the 41DSC654 with 13mm polyethene-naphthalate that has a zero-to-minimal pushout. Added to the acoustic foams that surround the cones, what you get is crisp sound output with unique bass emission.

  • An ergonomic design
  • Powerful bass performance
  • 4 in one purchase
  • High sensitive motor speakers
  • No wind disruption feature
  • A wide frequency range
  • A 4-ohm speaker
  • A bit weighty
 We see the Kicker 41DS654 as one of the best 6.5 speakers for bass out there and a steal for the double pair availability. If you are one who loves to feel the bass effect in a car or accommodating vehicle holder, then we strongly recommend that you consider this speaker during your purchase decision making.

3. Kicker DS65 Coax Speaker

best 6.5 speakers for bass - Kicker DS65 Coax SpeakerIn the best 6.5 speakers kicker, the Kicker DS65 is another DS series sound emitter that found itself on our list. The speaker is a one pair loudspeaker, suitable for our truckers, Hilux drivers, and those who will like to blend some sound emitters for better effect.

Kicker constructed this gadget to bring in even more than the 41DSC. These speakers own an easy to install design, flexibility, durability, and high performance. So, yes, you get the drop-in Coaxial cable feature to allow all aspiring users to fix the speaker in almost all kinds of automobiles. And in addition, you get the comfortability of quickly installing the sound emitter on your own.

Just like the other Kicker on the list and other high-performance speakers of its grade, the Kicker DS65 comes packed with precise highs and crisp middle frequencies. Of course, like its brother, the speaker’s frequency range has a low of 40Hz and a high of 20kHz which allows your stereo to broadcast different levels of sounds as the music creators have tweaked.

Another selling feature of this speaker is the broadcast tech and motor. The item houses a heavy-duty motor and the Extended Voice Coil Tech for its woofers. This allows the speaker to produce an outstanding vocal output and bass clarity. You won’t want to leave the car.

With separate musical components, you get your woofer at 6 1/2″ and your tweeters at 1/2″. Kicker constructed the cones with polypropylene and UV-treated ribbed surrounds all to enhance linear excursion, sound performance, and definition.

  • An easy to install construct
  • Superior materials
  • Superb bass output for its class
  • Clear sound delivery
  • Lightweight
  • A wide frequency range
  • Flexibility
  • Does not meet the mark for high-performance component systems
If you are trucker or a car owner looking for the best 6.5 speakers with bass and a wide range of frequency then this is the one you should consider. Though the gadget does not come in two pairs, it is affordable for purchase. However, you won’t be getting the best dB on our list.

4. Infinity Kappa 62.11I 2-way Speakers

best 6.5 speakers for bass - Infinity Kappa 62.11I 2-way SpeakersThis is an aesthetic built device from the stores of Infinity. The speakers come with a 2 ohm back up and a modern design to fit the contemporary settings of car interiors. So, if you own a modern car, you have a huge chance of having this fixed with little or no time.

Unlike the other speakers we have highlighted on this list, the Kappa takes the sensitivity a notch higher for more fun. You get a 95dB volume intensity for each watt of power. That means you won’t need to crank the volume to the max before you get your comfortable rate.

Clearly, infinity created this loudspeaker to be a perfect replacement to the follow-come speakers. Hence, all its qualities showcase a notable improvement to the Morden factory speakers.

Like the Infinity Reference, this sound emitter comes packed with commendable highs and lows performance. On this list, the Infinity Kappa has a relatively wide frequency range that starts at 45Hz which is a manageable range for you to listing to certain levels of musical beat performance.

With 150 Watts RMS per pair, you get a max of 300 watts duration for playback experience.

In regards to the cones, Infinity constructed them with carbon injected fibreglass alongside a Plus One tech to further enhance the performance of the Kappa speakers’ cones. So, you should be sure to enjoy more definition and linear excursion.

Furthermore, the Kappa owns a 1″ Dome edge Fabric tweeter build for more sound definition.

  • Superior materials
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Louder output
  • Easy to install construct
  • A wide range in frequency
  • 2 ohms
  • An extended playback
  • Clearer sound delivery
  • A notch down in bass effect
The Infinity Kappa is worth your consideration if you are looking for the best 5.5 car speaker with high sensitivity, RMS, and superb sound output. However, you won’t be getting the best Bass quality on our top five list.

5. Pioneer TS-A1675R Coaxial Car Speakers

best 6.5 speakers for bass - Pioneer TS-A1675R Coaxial Car SpeakersThis TS A167 that is from the doorsteps of the Pioneer brand is a three-way speaker and the only three-way sound emitter on our list. As a member of the best 6.5 car speakers on our list for review, the main sell points of this loudspeaker include firmness, featherweight, and clarity in musical performance. Pioneer wanted to project to the masses a car speaker that is ultra-light for its grade, and they succeeded without jeopardising quality. The TS A167 weighs merely 3.7 pounds.

Instead of using fanciful materials like the fibreglass for the Infinity craft the company used multilayers of mica matrix to build the cone. An effort that further decreased the weight of the sound emitter. Aside from the mass, the multilayer of mica cone allows the speaker to enhance its sound responsiveness and performance. Attached to the cone is the elastic polymer surround. This feature further improves the loudspeakers sensitivity and audio delivery.

With this loudspeaker, you can listen to the musical effects projected through lower frequencies.  The wide frequency range of the Pioneer TS A1675R starts from 35Hz to 31kHz making the sound emitter the one with the highest frequency range on our list. Another thing of interest is the mounting depth and size. Pioneer constructed this speaker to be able to fit in most car doors with a 1-4/3” depth for a 6-1/2” speaker.

Also, you will have the chance to hear and feel the audio output perfectly with the sensitivity rate sitting at 90dB. Depending on the vehicle you install the Pioneer TS A1675R, you might not need to crank the volumes to the max before achieving your comfortable state.

  • It is ultra light
  • The sound is clear
  • Can withstand high power input
  • Heat resistant Voice coil tech
  • Long RMS playback duration
  • A wide range for frequency
  • May lose performance with time
  • A moderate bass performance
  • Works best with an amp
This is the best 6.5 car speaker for those who do not want much on bass; those who want something that is better than the current factory piece they own. However, you should join it with an amp to get a notable audio delivery. Aside from that, you will be getting a speaker with excellent sensitivity and clear sound.

Our Top Pick From The Best 6.5 Speakers Out There In The Market

So what are we looking at when we decide on which speaker on the list is our best pick? We are looking at the sound quality first. The sensitivity second. The RMS capacity, third. The superiority of the components, fourth. We are considering the frequency range. All these work hands in hand to make the perfect speaker for users. Our pick is the Kicker DS65; though the Infinity Kappa tops the DS65 a bit in frequency range and sensitivity when it comes to bass and sound definition, higher grade component speakers are the only ones that belittle it.

The Ultimate Guide For Your Purchase Of the Best 6.5 Speakers

Whether you are looking for the best 6.5 speakers for bass or the best for kickers, some determinants can help you quickly streamline your choices. We have compiled that below.

This is the rate of sound strength emitted for each unit of power applied to crank it up. So the higher the sensitivity, the better the sound delivery. The nominal high should be 90db for best effect.
Power Handling
This is the ability of the speaker to handle the power supply from your stereo or play head. If you have a low powered play head several of the available speakers can work with it. However, if you wish to change the head, or you are using powerful amps, then you need a more tolerant speaker. What you should look out for is the RMS, not the Peak. The RMS talks about the power the loudspeaker can withstand comfortably for continuous playback. The best choice lies within 40 to 80 Watts per each speaker for both low power and high powered speakers.
You should know the type of sound emitter you want: a component system or full range speaker. Full range sound emitters house all the components like a woofer, tweeter, and perhaps driver in the same item. For the component system, each piece stands alone and works together to produce outstanding performance. These elements include a tweeter, woofers, and external crossovers.
The design of the loudspeakers is essential for you to know if it will fit into the space allocated for it in your car. So you have to check the depths and size. While at it, also check if it is a generic speaker or if the manufacturers have a specific type of vehicles in mind during creation like jeeps, cars, trucks, vans, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What're the RMS specs for the JBL per each speaker?
The spec is 60
I have a 2003 mustang model. I like to know if this JBL speaker will fit the door of my automobile.
The best solution for you to avoid a wrong estimation is to check with your local installer before purchasing the loudspeakers.
Will the 4 Kicker DSC be a perfect fit for my Honda Civic 2002? And is the sound great for my vehicle?
There is huge chance that they will fit. However, for you to be sure, check online for measurements or measure your old unit. Well, in regards to sound, you will have excellent audio output from this gadget!
On the images of the 4 Kicker DSC, I see 6x9 speakers alongside the 5 speakers. Does this mean that the 6x9 comes with the purchase?
Of course not. What you get is 4 of 6.5 speakers.
The Kicker DS65, is it a full range speaker? And can it fit the rear side of my car?
Of course, it can. Also, you are accurate. They are none component speakers
Can I fit the infinity Kappa into the front doors my 2003 Honda Civic Ex Sudan?
Yes, but the windowpane won’t pass the speakers magnet.

Our Final Verdict

Thank you for following us all through. We believe so far you have been able to streamline which speaker will best fit your preference and car. For those audiophiles who have deep pockets, component speakers are the way to go. And with the guide we have presented you, we are sure you can better identify the speaker that will give you the best experience. Nevertheless, for bass and superb audio output lovers like us, the best 6.5 speakers for bass on this list is the DS56.  Others come second.

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