30 Bald Fade Hairstyles That Rocked 2019: Trendiest Styles in 2020

With the bald fade haircut, a man is purposed to have an attractive look. A more classy and elegant look. It is common in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. However, the two places it is the typical hairstyle you would find in the streets. The coiffure is divided into various segments in accordance with the way they are cut and shaped.

In this article, we shall review 30 hairstyles that represent the hairdo.

1Comb over Fade Style

Comb over Fade Style

The particular haircut incorporates a low mid faded cut on the sides of the head. What makes it unique is the upper top with hair. The style is considered classy and trendy amongst men. The style is flexible in a way that it can be sleek in terms of texture.

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2Low Bald Fade

Low Bald Fade
Instagram / @PATTY_CUTS

The hairstyle has a bit of more hair on the top than the sides. It is clearly sleek haircut to wear in 2020. The thick hair allows wearing it simple yet classy with a clear hairline.

3Mid Bald Fade

Mid Bald Fade
Instagram / @_YCTHEBARBER

With this haircut, the top is curly in texture giving it a signature look as opposed to the other bald fade hairstyles. It aids in maintaining the hair thus making it manageable. The curls make the hairstyle look cool enough for a man.

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4Bald Taper Fade

Bald Taper Fade
Instagram / @JAYSTYL3SS

In this type of cut, the top is a bit higher with the fades going deeper. The tapers at the top are longer thus having the fades remarkably short. Tapers go down the back of the head down to the neck.

5High Bald Fade

High Bald Fade
Instagram / @MIDAS.BARBER

In this hairdo, the significant fade starts at the hairline thus having a higher top end as compared to the rest. The haircut imposes a higher command for respect as it is high at the top making it have a stronger masculine look. To those striving to get a respectable hairdo, the High Fade Haircut is the ideal choice.

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6Part with Skin Fade

Part with Skin Fade

The mid bald feature of the type makes it significant in terms of style. Also, the skin fade on the sides of the head adds a sense of class and panache. To get this hairdo, one requires wax to separate the hairline giving it its signature look.

7Skin Fade with Beard

Skin Fade with Beard
Instagram / @DRO_THEBARBER

When one goes to the barber, they expect a clean shave according to their instructions. With this type of hairdo, it is easy as the client will only have a medium-sized taper with averagely cut sides. The beard, on the other hand, can be trimmed to the recommended size.

8Skin Fade with Curls

Skin Fade with Curls
Instagram / @TWISTS_SPONGE

In cases of tight curls, skin fade haircut is typical amongst young men. What makes the style significant is the drop fade, which follows the arc of the hairline. It also resembles the thick curly strands at the top. Wax and cream are used to make the curls.

9Skin Fade with a Design

Skin Fade with a design

Over the years since the incorporation of the skin fade haircut, a design has been used to modify the overall look of the man. One can build design as long as there are strands of hair that are against the skin.

10Skin Fade with Mohawk

Skin Fade with Mohawk

The style, in particular, has a Mohawk as the taper with the faders slightly shaven off. There is a burst fade on the sides of the head; a thick Mohawk comes about. Moreover, the taper gets more shape as the thick hair runs down from the forehead to the neckline.

11Skin Bald with Waves

Skin Bald with Waves
Instagram / @D_ROGERZ

In this style, the taper is medium-shaped with the faders cut deeper as opposed to other shaves. The signature look in this hairdo is the waves incorporated onto the taper. It portrays a look of class and elegance amongst men who wear the hairdo.

12Brief and Simple

Brief and Simple Bald Fade Haircut
Instagram / @BIG_E_HAIR

In this style, the skin fade is notably short and fades on the skin. It is among the easiest tryouts of the skin fade haircut. It excludes designs and curls and it comes out as an official look to many men. In terms of professionalism, the cut is recommended to military and career scopes.

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13Razor Faded Pompadour

Razor Faded Pompadour Bald Fade Haircut

In the year 2018, this hairdo was popular due to its easy maintenance. The faders were short to a point they would emphasize on the height received from the tapers. It is common as there are no side faders to work on from time to time.

14Modern Pompadour Fade

Modern Pompadour Fade Haircut
Instagram / @LEO___ANTHONY

It is similar to the named one above; however, it is in the texture where the difference comes in. The faders are shaped into a taper fade that gets an average amount of length from the forehead to the neckline. It has been a fashionable hairdo in the year 2018.

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15Messy Pomp

Messy Pomp Bald Fade Haircut

With this hairdo, the profile remains the same. Having the taper high and the faders cut next to the skin. However, the signature look is that a beard is incorporated into the hairstyle. The coiffure brings out a rebellious appearance when worn by young men.

16Low Fade Pompadour

Low Fade Pompadour Haircut
Instagram / @MUNGOSZ

In this type of hairstyle, the pomp usually has a lower profile as compared to other pomp. The signature look in this one is a low fade at the sides with a wave on top. It is primal to note that this one has low faders.

17Mid Fade Pompadour

Mid Fade Pompadour Bald Fade Haircut
Instagram / @KSM_GROUP_RU

What is essential in this haircut is the mid fade that goes down the ears. Because of such, there is a large margin of thick hair in the middle part of the head. It also has a dash of tousling which composites into the faders at the back.

18Side Part Pomp

Side Part Pomp Bald Fade Haircut

An Asymmetrical look adds taste to the haircut as it runs from the front to the back. The barbers’ razor makes sure that one part of the pomp is unique to the fade. The style is common among youths in the United Kingdom. Artists and other green and blue-collar individuals wear.

19Pompadour Comb over Fade

Pompadour Comb over Fade haircut

The hairstyle incorporates a twist as the pomp is across the comb-over instead of the normal back. Because of this, the taper happens to become thick and get high volumes of hair from the back to the front.

20Razor Fade Pompadour

Razor Fade Pompadour Bald Fade Haircut
Source / @pinterest

The hairstyle is also referred to as skin bald, which is incorporated by a razor fade to the pomp hairdo. With this haircut, there is a clean cut running from the front to the back making the taper to appear thick with large volumes of hair.

21Drop Fade

Drop Fade Haircut

With this type of a hairstyle, the taper happens to be higher having the faders ultra-short from the front of the hairline to the back of the neckline. The look comes out in a significant manner making the fade look spectacular.

22Burst Fade Pompadour

Burst Fade Pompadour Haircut

The burst fade incorporates shaving hair on the sides before each ear. It works excellently with the hawk. However, the pomp gives its signature classy look. The hairstyle is common among young working professionals.

23High Fade Pomp with Side Part

High Fade Pomp with Side Part Haircut
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

The integration of the high fade with the pomp gives it a royal look. Despite being many ways of wearing the high fade, putting it into pomp guarantees the client of a quality shave. Also, there is a special touch whereby the side is shaven by a small margin.

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24Pomp for Wavy Hair

Pomp for Wavy Bald Fade Haircut
Source / @Pinterest

The nature of wavy hair adds texture and class to the client’s hair. It bears the normal dimensions of pomp but with wavy hair. A majority of clients prefer to use a blow dry to achieve the desired results; while others prefer using wax.

25High Top Skin Fade

High Top Skin Fade Haircut
Instagram / @E_STYLESMEN

The style was hyped in the 80s and 90s especially by the black community living in the United States. The tapers are abnormally high with the faders being short at the sides and back. Moreover, the hairdo is rocked to be of natural texture thus giving it its look.

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26Skin Fade with Textured Crop

Skin Fade with Textured Crop Haircut
Source / @Pinterest

It is a bold hairstyle for men who prefer wearing it. Moreover, putting in a crop at the taper would emphasize the overall appearance. Furthermore, the soft texture of the crop would fit accordingly in relation to the faders at the side and back.

27Skin Fade Buzz Cut

Skin Fade Buzz Cut
Source / @Pinterest

The hairstyle is termed to be sharp, convenient, and manageable. By blending a skin fade together with a buzz cut makes the shave ideal for cool people. However, the cut requires trimming from time to time in order to maintain its classy appearance. It is a typical hairstyle common with young men across the globe.

28Skin Fade Blowout

Skin Fade Blowout Bald Fade Haircut
Instagram / @NEORK__23

Fusing a blowout with a skin fade ensures the outcome is stylish enough to create a striking look. The artist behind the cut should leave at least an inch of hair at the top. Then a blow drier is used to blow out the hair at the top.

29Slicked Back Skin Fade

Slicked Back Skin Fade Haircut

A man wearing the slicked back hairstyle happens to walk with the utmost level of class. The cut portrays a polished and commanding look that is found to be attractive by women. Wearers are warned to use the hair conditioner in the right amounts in order to prevent injury.

30Skin Fade with Quiff

Skin Fade with Quiff Haircut
Source / @Pinterest

In this hairstyle, maintaining the look is easy as compared to other skin fades. The incorporation of the quiff brings out a fashionable look to the wearer of the cut. Also, it is quite compatible with those working in offices.

The bald fade is a hairstyle that was common and trendy in the year 2018. Experts argue that the cut will be significant in 2020. Because of its diverse nature, there are many ways one can wear the skin fade. The hairdo is termed to be modern no wonder it was common on a global platform.

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