40 Most Popular Asian Hairstyles for Men (2020 Top Pick)

Wondering about what hairstyle you can get to improve your appearance? Relax and read on since this guide gives you a variety of ideas about the most popular Asian hairstyles for men. Asian men are significantly becoming fashion conscious and there are new ideas in the market about hairstyles every day.

Whatever type of hair you have, you can get the best style that perfectly suits you from a variety of short Asian hairstyles for men. There is a wide range of hairstyles that include the traditional side fades, sweeps, man bun, top knot, undercut, as well as the latest spikes among others.  The Asian hairstyles can be hardly matched by other nationalities since Asians have straight hair which makes selection wide. The following is a selection of 40 most popular hairstyles that we believe can improve your appearance.

1. Asian Undercut

Asian Undercut

The Asian undercut is probably the most popular hairstyle among Asian men. It can be easily styled on Asian hair and it is a versatile cut that can suit men belonging to different age groups. The style includes a short comb over that combines well with the fresh undercut.

2. Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyle

The comb over hairstyle is superb if you have the suitable type of hair. The top hair is long such that you can neatly comb it backwards for a stylish design. On the sides of your head is a low taper fade that gives some contrast and handsome appearance.

3. Textured Short Asian Hairstyle

Textured Short Asian Hairstyle

The textured short hairstyle is just a cool way of styling a natural but messy looking style. The style consists of short hair on the sides along with longer hair on top. You can create a textured hairstyle by using pomade but you must use it on dry hair.

4. Classic Side Hairstyle


The classic side hairstyle is an all time fashionable style for men particularly in a professional or business setting. The hairstyle was popularized in the 1950’s but it continues to give a smart and clean side style. The style has a modern look that makes you appear professional.

5. High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade

The high taper fade is classic and conservative at the same time and it is ideal for gentlemen. It consists of short sides and a thick top which is simple to style. Since Asian men have thick hair, the style is simple and it suits different people.

6. Wavy Fringe Hairstyle

Wavy Fringe Hairstyle

A short taper fade on the sides and a wavy fringe on top make a cool hairstyle for young guys who are conscious about fashion. This trendy hairstyle makes you visible in the crowd. If you want the style to last the whole day, you should use wax for Asian hair or strong pomade.

7. Stylish Messy Fringe

Stylish Messy Fringe

It looks messy but the hairstyle is cool because it gives you a different look. You can make a stylish fringe from your long top hair. The advantage is that Asian hair creates either a comb over or textured spikes in its natural state.

8. Samurai


The man bun is also called Samurai hair during the contemporary period and it is trendy though it looks messy. In its natural state, you can style your long hair to form different styles that give you a unique appearance.

9. Flowing Hairstyle

Flowing Hairstyle

A long flowing hairstyle looks awesome on guys who want to appear professional. The style is also versatile in that it can perfectly suit any casual occasion. You need to comb your hair backward so that it gives you a stunning appearance.

10. Man Bun

Man Bun

This is another trendy hairstyle that is natural and gives you a unique appearance. You can use your long hair to form a bun at the back. The bun style does not require a hair tie. The style gives you a natural but outstanding appearance.

11. Messy Faux Hawk

Messy Faux Hawk

This fashionable hairstyle consists of a fun but handsome hair cut on the side.  You can design the messy faux hawk the way you like on top and it appears modern and hot among many guys. You need some wax to create an attractive faux hawk style.

12. Longer Mop

Longer Mop

The longer mop style is popular among the guys who have thick hair. The hairstyle is natural but it is also easy to style the mop the way you want. However, the only challenge that you can encounter with this hairstyle relates to growing your hair.

13. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut

You can style this trendy disconnected undercut in various ways. The style represents a neat undercut on the sides that is complemented by a messy brush back. You can also try the pompadour and the comb over since they can also give you wonderful experience.

14. Asian Undercut

Asian Undercut

The Asian undercut hairstyle is trendy and it is among the hottest styles among different guys. The undercut consists of very short hair on the sides. It is also characterized by longer hair on top which you can style the way you desire to look elegant.

15. Long Fringe with Low Fade

Long Fringe with Low Fade

The lower taper fade on the sides along with long fringe gives a stylish look. You can also make your hair wavy on top if you allow it to grow. This stylish hairstyle is ideal for young guys and it is very popular. The thick textured fringe on top also gives a perfect appearance.

16. Low Asian Fade

Low Asian Fade

Ideal for business professionals, the low Asian fade blends well with different kinds of styles and cuts. It starts above the ear and curves behind the head to the other side. The hairstyle is simple, smart and easy to style and maintain. It does not expose the scalp a lot.

17. Loose Pompadour and High Fade

Loose Pompadour and High Fade

You need a good pair of clippers to get a good pompadour haircut as well as about three inches of top hair. You can either get a fade or an undercut for the sides and a full beard. You also need wax or quality pomade to style the pomp.

18. High Fade

High Fade

The high fade hairstyle is modern though it looks rebellious. The cut mainly focuses on your eyes and it is ideal for high school kids, college students as well as young men. It also emphasizes on longer top hair and requires low maintenance.

19. Buzz Fade Cut

Buzz Fade Cut

The buzz cut fade is simple to style and some very short cuts do not give you any flexibility to change your appearance. Alternatively, you can get more styling options if you have textured crop together with faded sides and longer crew.

20. Spike Haircut

Spike Haircut

You can spike your top hair as long as it is about three to four inches long. You can either leave it messy or brush it to one side to form Ivy League hairstyle. You can also comb your hair forward so that you can style a fringe.

21. Comb Over Fade

Comb Over Fade

A comb over fade hairstyle is suitable for Asian boys and it constitutes a modern style. You only need to brush your hair to one side then use a strong hair product to maintain the style throughout the day.

22. Asian Spiky Hair

Asian Spiky Hair

A spiky haircut is suitable for all men including boys and it gives them a trendy appearance. The style includes fades on the sides and hair of about three inches long on top. The style allows you to look professional during the day then you can spike it in the evening.

23. High Spike Pompadour

High Spike Pompadour

A high spike pampadour is also trendy and ideal for young men. In order to style spiky Asian Hair, you require a strong hair product. Some of the products you can use include Layrite, Baxter of California as well as Suavecito. These products help to maintain your hair spiked all day.

24. Slick Back

Slick Back

A slick back is versatile and you can tell your barber to cut a slick back fade or undercut. The top hair should remain long while the sides have very short hair. This can help you to switch between pomp, comb over or slick back.

25. Quiff Haircut

Quiff Haircut

You can either style a quaff haircut by brushing the hair back in thick strands or incorporate spikes. If you have long hair, you will also achieve a better feel of the quiffs movement, volume and flow. You can also achieve the quaff style by using a styling cream like Gatsby Moving Rubber.

26. Side Part

Side Part

Asian hair is naturally very thick hence short layers are ideal for a trendy side part. You can also use the hard part to spice up the look of your modern side part fade. One thing to remember is that you need long hair.

27. Undercut Fade

Undercut Fade

The undercut fade gives you the ability to experiment with different types of hairstyles. The medium undercut helps to reduce the weight of your thick hair. You can also apply the right hair product for this style.

28. Asian Faux Hawlk

Asian Faux Hawlk

This particular Asian hairstyle requires short hair on top and you need to apply high quality matte pomade. It helps to push your hair up and you can style it on the center.

29. Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The crew cut Asian hairstyle is ideal for different guys. It is easy to maintain and it does not require any styling. It only requires a high fade on the sides along with shot hair on top. The natural texture of the hair makes the style simple and straightforward.

30. Ivy-League Hairstyle

Ivy-League Hairstyle

The Ivy League requires a side sweep on the front and a product like French cop pulls the hair forward. The hair lies on your forehead hence the need to always use the right hair product.

31. Fringe Asian Hairstyle

Fringe Asian Hairstyle

A fringe hairstyle adds some texture to any kind of hairstyle. You can either choose a short or long fringe but you can still get similar results. The cut is also ideal for different age groups among all males.

32. Messy Hairstyle

Messy Hairstyle

You can achieve a quality messy hairstyle by using a variety of matte hair products. For instance, clay pomade and moderate hold styling cream are ideal for textured as well as natural finish. These products help to maximize volume, movement as well as flow.

33. Low Fade With Long Messy Hair

Low Fade With Long Messy Hair

The style consists of textured hair on top and a fresh low bald fade that helps to balance the messy. You need a small amount of pomade on your hair which helps to maintain a natural look all day.

34. Pompadour With Braided Razor Part

Pompadour With Braided Razor Part

You can braid any section of your hair as long as it has enough length. The pompadour style combines well with thick razor par, high skin fade as well as braided hair. The hairstyle is trendy and unique and it helps improve your appearance.

35. Man Bun With Beard

Man Bun With Beard

If you have long hair, you can get the feel of the man bun hairstyle. The style combines well with a thick beard and it symbolizes strength and masculinity.

36. Cropped Fringe With high Bald

Cropped Fringe With high Bald

The cropped fringe hairstyle is one of the newest haircuts for men and it also consists of a high bald fade. The style fits any kind of hair including thin and fine hair. You can style it in a natural way and it is good for all guys.

37. Modern Faux Hawk and Low Burst Fade

Modern Faux Hawk and Low Burst Fade

You need to trim the sides with a scissors or clip them between number two and five to get a perfect fohawk hairstyle. You also need some pomade or gel to style this cut so that you can create a point in the center of the head.

38. Mohawk With Line

Mohawk With Line

The Mohawk fade with a line is another trendy hairstyle that is hot among the young men in particular. You need pomade products to style the top hair into the order that you desire.

39. Mid Fade, Side Part with Long Fringe

Mid Fade, Side Part with Long Fringe

The side part fade is another popular hairstyle that every barber knows how to cut. The cut can combine well with mid fade, a hard part, full facial hair or medium length hair on top.

40. Thick Long Hair Quiff

Thick Long Hair Quiff

The quiff works well on any type of hair and it is currently trending higher. You can apply this kind of style on curly or straight hair and it looks natural and great when styled.


If you are concerned about your appearance, it is our hope that this guide about the most popular Asian hairstyles will help you make informed decisions. The Asian men have a great advantage in that their hair texture differs from other nationalities. As such, there are a variety of hairstyles that that can significantly improve their public appearance. The other advantage is that these hairstyles are easy to maintain and they are also cost-effective.

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